Considering Contrasts

My eye searches for anything crisp and lush during the hot Summers in Palm Springs. The walls in the Old Las Palmas neighborhood feel as fresh as a gin and tonic to me and are the perfect antidote to the searing heat. Whitewashed mud brick walls giving way to the billowing overgrowth. Hiding what is inside.

Dark spaces leading to light. Industrial to natural. Consider contrasts.

Dark spaces leading to light. Industrial to natural. Consider contrasts.

There are times I am tempted to crawl over the walls to discover the secrets of the homes that are tucked inside its walls. What would I find there?

There are many design lessons one can take from seemingly innocuous moments such as this. For example:

Human beings intuitively seek out balance - it’s a natural instinct. When you are in a room that is overexposed in light, you crave shadow. When you are in a cool room, you crave a blanket. When I am surrounded by rigid architectural walls…I crave the lushness of nature.

Whenever you are creating a room, identify its main characteristics… and then bring introduce its opposite. It will bring the balance that your spirit craves.

If you have a red room, consider painting the hallway leading up to it green. If you have short ceilings in your room, perhaps the room adjacent should have high ceilings? If you are decorating with a floral print, perhaps a minimalist piece of art might look nice over the fireplace?

Designing a room is a like hosting a seated dinner. You want to seat someone chatty next to a more introverted person and vice versa. This is what occurs to me while I am discovering the neighborhoods in Old Las Palmas. And, the design lesson that I wanted to share with you.

Happy Summer, you guys. Let’s find our balance- and savor every minute of this one.


Jon Call