The Residences

Coming from an architectural background, I always start with the interior shell of a space first. In all of my homes, the walls, floors and ceilings carry the bulk of the design.

As a result, everything else just floats inside. Tethered by an organic color palette and enriched with luxurious textures, my rooms are tailored, elegant, and approachable.

As my clients’ lives change, so will their interiors. After I leave, they have the confidence to not only maintain, but improve the interior that I assisted them in crafting. They might add or subtract items as they see fit.

My homes are intended to act as a reflecting glass, from which my clients can see themselves more clearly. I can think of no greater luxury.


My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.
— Coco Chanel


Hells Kitchen

On the edge of the Hudson, high above the city of New York, is a project that is near and dear to me. It is my home.

This is what I create when I am my own client. Full of books, over-scale furniture, and art - this is how I choose to live.




In the art district of Manhattan, I created this project for a young man.

This is my most celebrated interior. House Beautiful published this space and awarded me their “Rising Star” prize.

This home has a special place in my heart. It was the Beginning - and led to many wonderful things.



Greenwich Village

In the heart of the village, I was Commissioned to create this apartment for a young man who was attending NYU. When I asked him what he wanted to have done to the space, he politely said, “I just want a cool bar.”

So….I took it from there.



Meat Packing District

An old loft in the hippest part of Manhattan. A residence for a family in the fashion industry. They asked me to make it kid proof. I was more than happy too… As long as we didn’t have to sacrifice on style.


West Village

A penthouse aerie, perched above the treetops of this storied neighborhood. A Single Gentleman Asked Me To Divide Up One Large Space To Create Multiple Rooms — Without Sacrificing The Light. I worked within the existing prewar architecture to add a custom screen that effectively divides the space while honoring his wishes.