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I believe that an inspiring home is the product of a considered life. These videos document my journey to achieve both.

Self-written, produced, filmed and edited — nothing gets more personal than this. I am very much excited to share this endeavor with you.

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Scent your home like the luxury of summer

Sun-drenched seasides and lush fields alive with color: Summer is when the world comes to life. The sense of smell is our passport to these memories - real or imagined. Surround yourself with these luxuries and travel the world — without ever leaving home.


“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
— William Morris

Lessons from Merida, Mexico

The inland heat of the Yucatan peninsula demanded a change of course. Lazing by the plunge pools in the courtyard, or steeping in an indulgent shower inside, the weight of the terry cloth towels fought against the lightness of the season. Too heavy. Too hot. They always felt damp.

I was so glad I had packed my own towel. A Turkish towel. Like the ones provided at the famous baths in Istanbul. A bit rough, to stimulate dormant circulation, feather light, perfect to dry off and even better to wrap myself in and lounge.

These towels are the way to welcome the summer season into your home. A respite from the cloak of winter. Perfect for a house brimming with guests, since you can fit a dozen in your washer and dryer at a time. Even better when you have the house to yourself.

Personal Snapshot From Merida, Mexico


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